SaaS Solution


for your digital journey.

An onboarding platform that seamlessly integrates multiple services, including identity management, and digital data collection, to offer a comprehensive and validated onboarding process

Introducing an onboarding platform that streamlines the deployment process for your organization, making it easy, fast and cost-effective .

simplifies the process of acquiring technology by offering
a one-stop solution that encapsulates multiple technologies in one place.

offers a faster deployment. With BTrust, you can expect to be up and running in just a matter of weeks, if not days, as opposed to many months.

No need for expensive IT teams to build and integrate different technologies.
your power user can handle everything, saving you time and money.

makes it easy and quick to support your digital deployment, helping you keep your business and competitive in the digital age.

BTrust module architecture





Beneficiary declaration


Document designer


Signature automation


Comprehensive identification

biometric authentication for secure identification

Gathering and verification of information

Fully flexible, controlled and fail-safe process

Leveraging of security module

Compliance with regulatory and legal requirements

High degree verification of clients' identities

Homegrown and proven technology

Peace of mind for
financial institutions

Peace of mind for financial institutions

Identification as if you met your client in person

Identification as if you met
your client in person

“Know Your Business” knowhow, allowing a customizable customer outreach, and a predefined list of standard forms, uploads, and informative documents

A direct outreach to beneficial owners, signers, guarantors, attorneys, etc. with a designated workflow, IDM, and signature attestation.

Pre-population of available data into forms/documents and decision making on the right flow/s based on initial data received or available

Effortlessly onboard complex businesses with ease and confidence, thanks to the latest technological advancements that simplify the process for you

Predefined and customizable solution for individual client onboarding

Includes Scanovate’s state-of-the-art identity program

Eliminating the need to download an app through predefined mobile FLOWS, which leverages mobile FORMS

Multiple account owners and participants to be added to the account opening process

Predefined integration for launching the process, updating on progress and sending collected files

No code, No app, better experience
with zero lines of code

Watch B-Trust Platform in Action

Experience our solution in a live demo with our experts

Watch B-Trust Platform in Action

Experience our solution in a live demo with our experts

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